My skills

I tested all my methods during my projects. In particular Zombie Walk Brno and Zombie Walk Ostrava.

Event management

Zombie Walk Brno, Zombie Walk Ostrava, Career Fairs, Dancing balls,...

Social networks

Follow and be followed.
Facebook, LiknedIn, Instagram,...

Sales and marketing

Acquire new partners and maintaining long term win-win relationshps.


I am willing to share my knowledge with everybody.

About Me

At the beginning of my career there was one thing. One thing that changed it’s direction. It was a bite. One bite from an infected. From a zombie. I knew my life will never be the same. I founded a Zombie Walk Brno and that was a fresh start.

After a year of working with the undead I joined IAESTE Czech Republic and living accepted me as a family. But the hunger for blood and brains never truly disappears. Living both between dead and alive allowed me to gain and share experience from both worlds. Event management, marketing and social media management are just a few of them.

However the apetite for flesh and cerebral tissue was stronger and now I am back with my zombies. We are shooting an amateur Z-movie and biting all around. The apocalypse is coming. And remember, one thing is enough to change your life. One bite. One bite from an infected. From a zombie!

Zombie Walk Brno & Ostrava

It is role playing march of pop-culture zombie fans. Goal of the event is to have endless fun for all participants and a load of experience for me and my friends who help me with such events.

IAESTE Czech Republic

I was an active member of NGO. I created a new educating event for members in my first year. The second year was about coordinating iKariera Career Fair at BUT. Later I founded a new local committee in Pardubice and I focused on passing my knowledge. IAESTE was the most valuable source of my B2B experience.